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"We love games! We, Jonathan (Ricks) and Jonathan (Eller) are both young Husbands and Fathers based in Houston, Texas. We love card games, board games, party games like Signs, Mafia, and Werewolf, Xbox & Playstation, computer games...all types of games. We play Wii U and get whooped by our kids in Mario Kart or Mario Party, and we try to play Magic, Settlers, Carcassonne, Poker, Myth, and pretty much any awesome game we can get our hands on."

Jonathan (Eller) works in CyberSecurity and as a Wish Grantor for the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of the Make A Wish Foundation.  "The first game I ever made was actually an entry in a Campus-wide Talent Show at the University of Texas back in 2001. Eat it! was born during dozens of late nights with roommates, suite mates, and a LOT of Pluckers Wings. I'm pretty sure I spent my entire semester food stipend on their cheese-sticks and buffalo wings. Freshman 15! We had to use a normal deck of cards back then, and my graphic design skills sucked hardcore, but we won the whole darn thing, beating 1000 other entries of all kinds. I've been dreaming and scheming about making games ever since."

Jonathan Ricks, is a Registered Nurse in the emergency department, and plans to finish his degree as a nurse practitioner this December. "I get to be the father of three boys, and can't wait for them to be a little bit older so we can sit down and play some board and card games, especially Spazz. I have loved playing games for my whole life, and over the past couple of years have added 'game designer' to my bucket list of titles. A box full of hand-drawn prototypes later, I am excited to be so close to to making that dream become a reality. Spazz is most certainly the first of many great games to come!"

Finishing college, starting a family, and becoming experts in their respective careers delayed their formal plans to make games, but 2 years ago in 2014, they were sitting around the table playing Uno (bored with it and trying to make it more spicy) and they decided they would finally make their dreams a reality. "We saw Cards Against Humanity go insanely viral along with other NSFW games and thought, "man...where are the new wholesome family games at?" That night we started making Spazz a reality on a paper towel. We named the company as an homage to our favorite show, and hired an amazing couple of designers, Matt and Graden." Just goes to show you what you can accomplish when you put your mind to something. "From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for helping make this dream a reality. We promise to make more amazing games."